Vintage Nike t shirts curated by Kamil Bednarz.

Every item is hand selected to display only the best vintage in this store.

Each item is machine washed with cold water on low spin and then air dried on a hanger. After drying, each item is folded and placed into a ziplock bag securely. Every piece is handled with delicate care since items are very old and rare to come across.

I offer free shipping through USPS First Class Mail in the USA. There is a $10 charge to ship to Canada and $20 charge for Worldwide shipping! Limit to three items be purchased per cart for the international shipping.

The size tag does not determine the fit of the clothing. Age and wash alter the sizing of the clothes so pay close attention to the measurements and not so much the size on the size tag.Items may come with marks or other distressing so please look over all the photos as I try my best to photograph each of these flaws. 


Every item listed and sold is 100% authentic and is not a reprint or variant of any matter. Purchase with absolute confidence.

Thank you for looking and shopping at my store. I try my best to satisfy the customer and help find that unique item that takes their closet to the next level!