Vintage t shirts curated by Kamil Bednarz from vuvintage.

The size tag does not determine the way a t shirt fits. Vintage sizing is different than modern sizing. The process of washing and drying over decades, alters the sizes of t shirts. Every t shirt has measurements provided in the description for accurate sizing. Always base the size of a t shirt by the measurements and not the size on the size tag.

Vintage t shirts are NOT new. T shirts may come with marks, stains, rips, holes or other forms of distressing. Review all the photographs and judge the condition of the t shirt yourself. Visible flaws are well documented, however, it is possible a flaw may be overlooked in the photographing process.

Each t shirt is machine washed in cold water on low spin, and then placed on a drying rack. After drying, the t shirts are photographed and then folded and stored in ziplock bags. Every t shirt is handled with the most delicate care.

FREE shipping through USPS First Class Mail for all customers shipping within the USA. There is a $20 fee for worldwide shipping with a $10 fee for each additional item in the cart.

All orders are final sale, processed through Paypal invoice. No returns or exchanges are accepted. If there are questions or concerns, please visit the contact page.

Thank you for shopping with vuvintage where every t shirt is a one of a kind garment that takes your closet to the next level!

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